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Friday, November 09, 2007

Import duty on Perfumes,Beauty or Make-up preparation for skin,Manicure or pedicure preparations

If you import goods related to beauty and body care then you can import without any duty up to Rs 10,000/- if they are bonafide gifts.If they are imported for personal use than duty is @17.34%. The cosmetic goods are freely importable.No fine and penalty but only duty on these goods

Import for Commercial Purpose

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 are for regulating and quality of the cosmetic goods.The Standards of Weights and Measures Act,1976 and related rules are for Packaging,labelling and MRP price.In India goods meant for retail selling,then Counter Vailing Duty (CVD) is charged on MRP basis.
A suggestive list for duty on certain goods:

Line make-up preparations @ 34.1307%

Eye make-up preparations @ 34.1307%

Manicure or pedicure preparations @ 34.1307%

Perfumes @ 34.1307%

Hair cream @34.1307%

Hair dyes @ 34.1307%

The effective duty may come down to 30%,if you file refund for 4% ACD after clearance as per procedures.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for blogging this information ... it was very helpful for me

ravindra kumar said...

Dear anonymous,
Thank you for appreciation. The present duty on all these items have been reduced from 34.1307% to 31.703% in the current financial year.
Enjoy reduced duty!
warm regards
Ravindra Kumar

Anonymous said...


I bought a perfume on ebay worth Rs. 3000. Do I have to pay duty, fines or penalty. Please tell me that. Your blog is excellent. Keep it running. Thanks a lot.

ravindra kumar said...

Dear Anonymous,
Perfumes imported through Courier will attract duty @ 31.703% whether for personal or commercial use.But if imported through Postal for personal use then it will attract duty @ 17.34%.
Ravindra Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Ravindra Kumar,

Thank you very much for the reply. But where should I pay the duty. Will I get the perfume for sure or will it be stolen. The shipment is from Ukraine. The seller has shipped it through his post office and gave me a tracking code and asked me to check in the local post office website. Is there any way to check. Thanks a lot


ravindra kumar said...

Dear Rajesh,
Your local postman will collect duty from you at the time of delivery.
Ravindra Kumar

addicted said...

hello ravindra kumar,

how much duty is on perfume imported to india for future sale n distrubution from USA

will be wating for your answer


jayateerth said...

hi ravindra,

after going through these blogs i think i can find answer on this site..i have purchased around 5 bottles of perfumes in US costing around rs. 13000. I am not sure if i would be subject to customes duty..if yes how much would the duty be INR and is there any penalty??

Ravindra kumar said...

Dear Mr Jayateerth,
It is not clear whether your are coming as passanger,or importing through courier or postal. The duty payable varies as per mode of import and related allowances. you may visit my site www.baggage.globaltaxguru.in (if coming as a passenger or bringing as baggage goods); www.courier.globaltaxguru.in(if importing through courier);www.postal.globaltaxguru.in(if importing through post);www.ebay.globaltaxguru.in (if purchasing at ebay).

If you want to see that what is the best way to import to save duty,if any,then ,you may visit site www.globaltaxguru.in.
All these sites are for creating awareness of customs duty in India and still under development.
Ravindra Kumar

Ekta said...

The imformation you have given is very informative - i am looking at commercial import of fragrances from wholesalers in europe - will i be paying 31.5% on the invoce generated by them or on my proposed MRP?? - also what kind of linceces do i need to sell these branded perfumes - will be great if you can give me further clarity on the matter??

Anonymous said...

i m new user in u r blog sir, i want to know that if i want to start a perfume business ,,so please giove me information about duty and extra tex

Global Tax Guru said...

Dear Reader,
Pl visit my site www.globaltaxguru.in for detail.
Ravindra Kumar

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Thank you for putting up a blog dealing with Indian customs!

However, I have a question regarding it. I want to buy some makeup( just one item) ,worth 2,500 INR from the US via AMAZON. This includes their shipment charges.

I live in Mumbai. Will i be charged duty on this? If so, why?
Also, how much will I have to pay with the current financial situation?

Ms. Sheryl

Global Tax Guru said...

Dear Ms. Sheryl ,
Pl visit my site www.globaltaxguru.in and find relevant information.

Thanks and regards

Ravindra Kumar

Anonymous said...

Dear Ravindra,

Nice blog explaining Indian customs. I am based in UK and planning to import perfumes from India to be sold again in UK.

How would the duty be applied on this transaction ? Does my supplier have to register and pay export duty or do I only need to worry about UK import duty?

I would appericiate if you guide me in the right direction.

Kind Regards


Anonymous said...

Dear Ravindra,
Could you tell me how to send a gift to India or where I can find this information? I want to send a gift but I want to make sure they wont have to pay custom. Thank you for any help you provide.
Best Regards,

Global Tax Guru said...

Dear Rohit,
You may visit my site www.globaltaxguru.in for information. It has separate module for gifts at http://globaltaxguru.in/Gift.

Shweta said...

Hey hii ravindra I want to purchase cosmetics from L A for 55$ so how much custom duty will be charged for it ...as I stay in Mumbai

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