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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Customs duty on musical instruments

The duty on guiter,piano,keyboard,violins,harps,clarinet,trumpets,bagpipers,drums,flutes and other musical instruments is @ 31.703%.The Postal department will collect duty before handing over musical instruments parcel to you.It will be cleared by Foreign Post Office. If customs department detain the parcel then you will receive notice by the Customs.

The musical goods meant for personal use will be charged duty @ 17.34 % if imported through Post.

Dear Mr Harish,
Various mode of import have different duty liability on musical key board, as Air cargo ,Courier and Sea will attract 31.037% of the value,Where as through Baggage,it attarct 35% of excess value than permissible limit.
In Postal ,only 20 kgs is allowed and where as ,in courier only 70 kgs is allowed.In Postal ,if any consumer electronics goods ,valuing more than Rs 2000/- ,is attracting fine and penalty ,even though Duty is 17.34%.
Therfore ,as per your convience and saftey of goods,you may decide ,which option is best suited to you.

warm regards
Ravindra Kumar

I read your article about customs duty for imported musical instruments. I am presently in the USA and planning to buy a musical keyboard for personal use. I will be returning to India in three weeks time. Could u please suggest me what would be the best way to get the keyboard. I was suggested the cargo service by a few people. And if you could please also explain in detail how much i would be charged for importing the keyboard? Looking forward to your reply.
Thanking you,
Harish Shastha

Dear Mr Santosh,
The scope of blog is import and export through Post and Courier. The blog link which you have mentioned has sufficient information.
I think you are asking for Baggage import which is governed by Baggage Rules, 1998.They are different for different category such as Transfer of Residence,Tourist.
In my opinion Key boards is not personal effects which satisfy day to day need. There is 35% duty on goods which are exceeding permissible limit of Rs 25,000/-.
The second hands goods price depends on condition of goods,which Customs department has to fix for charging duty. You may consult regular passanger for more clarity and share information with other reader of this blog.
warm regards
Ravindra Kumar--- On Wed, 22/10/08, Santhosh J wrote:
From: Santhosh J Subject: HITo: "ravindrakumar_iitd@yahoo.co.in" Date: Wednesday, 22 October, 2008, 11:17 AM
I recently came across your blog
I am living in singapore for the past 2 years and i purchased a keyboard in second hand for 400 USD
i don't have a bill for that and i want to take it home when i go back
will they be charging me anything for that?
-- Thanks &RegardsSanthosh JustinConsultantEntiisHp :83050874skype id : noah2125

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